• Quantification and Visualization of Uncertainty in Level-Set Extraction for Uncertain Data

In this project, I addressed the challenge of extracting level sets using the marching cubes/squares algorithm in uncertain scalar field data. A closed-form statistical approach was derived for the probabilistic computation of topology and geometry steps of the marching cubes/squares. The uncertainty in topology and geometry is interpreted through the visualization of the probabilities of decisions.

Fig: The marching cubes cases

  • Visualization of Positional Uncertainty in Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Electrodes

In this research application, I proposed a statistical method for quantifying and visualizing positional uncertainty in DBS electrodes for a finite-resolution brain imaging (MRI/CT).

Fig: The sample visualization of positional uncertainty in DBS contacts/electrodes. The four colors indicate the four contacts of Medtronic 3387. The contacts lie within the inner surface with 10% confidence and they lie within the outer surface with 40% confidence.