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Visualizing Interactions Between Solar Photovoltaic Farms and the Atmospheric Boundary Layer
T. M. Athawale*, B. Stanislawski*, S. Sane, and C. R. Johnson
* Both authors contributed equally to the paper
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(EnergyVis '21 workshop co-located with 12th ACM International Conference on Future Energy Systems (e-Energy' 21), June 28-July 2, 2021, Torino, Italy (virtual). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 5 pages, pp 377-381


Visualization of Uncertain Multivariate Data via Feature Confidence Level-Sets
S. Sane, T. M. Athawale, and C. R. Johnson
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(EuroVis 2021-23rd EG/VGTC Conference on Visualization, Zurich, Switzerland (virtual).)




Machine Learning & Information Processing, Proceedings of ICMLIP 2020
Editors: D. Swain, P. K. Pattnaik, T. M. Athawale

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Statistical Rendering  for Visualization of Red Sea Eddy Simulation Data
T. M. Athawale, A. Entezari, B. Wang, and C. R. Johnson
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(Accepted in 2020 IEEE SciVis Contest)



A Statistical Framework for Visualization of Positional Uncertainty in Deep Brain Stimulation Electrodes
T. M. Athawale, K. A. Johnson, C. R. Butson, and C. R. Johnson
[Preprint] [Bibtex] [Poster] [Source code (MATLAB)]
(2019 IEEE Workshop on Visual Analytics in Healthcare (VAHC), Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2019, pp. 54-55.)